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Ready to get the insights you need from data you have? Welcome to a better way to understand the key drivers behind your hotel’s performance. Welcome to the new and improved business intelligence platform.

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It’s important to uplift my revenue managers from being reporting managers to being commercial leaders who work on strategies and communication with the team to influence and change strategy to really optimise our operations.

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Spend less time on spreadsheets and more time maximising revenue


Insights beyond business intelligence

As a revenue manager, you need more than just a BI tool, you need decision intelligence. Look beyond your historical data and gain the insights you need to make the right decisions, today.


Complete control over your data

Gain complete control of your data at the press of a button. Build customisable, extensive reports instantly and find unrivaled insights with better data that support better decisions.


Decades of expertise

Don’t settle for a BI platform that might look pretty, but leaves you with incomplete data and inaccurate reports. Gain a partner with over 20 years of experience in hotel software. At InTouch, we’ve built a refined product that doesn’t just look good, it is good.

Axis BI

Axis BI does not shy away from answering the hard questions. It is a holistic, flexible, data-driven tool that gives you the insights you need when you need them. Need to dive into cancellations? Axis BI can tell you where they are coming from and how they are impacting your business. Need to measure the impact of a large convention within your city? Axis BI can handle that too. You just bring the data; Axis BI gives you the power to turn it into revenue.

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F&B Dashboard

Visual BI

What’s data without visualisations? Typically messy and unhelpful. That’s where Visual BI comes in. Visual BI allows you to view data on multiple hotels from a single touchpoint to paint a complete picture of your operations. So you can get the information you need without all the fuss.

Visualise data such as:

  • Overnight pickups, new business and cancellations
  • Behaviours like lead time, rate codes, room type, spending habit, and much more
  • Your best performing menu items are within your restaurants
  • Upsell performance of your front desk staff

Run Reports

Where structure meets customisation. The best of both worlds. Run Reports allows you to generate pre-defined reports with filters to tailor them to your needs. Make your morning routine a breeze, with Run Reports you can generate your entire morning meeting pack (pickup, competitive analysis, OTB outlook, historical performance) in just a couple clicks. Generate reports directly on the site or set them up to go out automatically to users every morning. With over 100 different templates to choose from, we’ve got all your reporting needs covered.

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Do more with your data


Room reporting

Break down your guest data even further to understand behaviours within each booking. Dive deep into your data and identify patterns so you can achieve the best rates possible.


F&B reporting

Analyse the impacts of your decisions immediately and identify upsell opportunities so you can provide data-backed feedback to your staff and make the most of your food & beverage data.


Event Reporting

Understand how your event spaces impact your entire hotel so you can identify what works and what doesn’t. Benchmark your different spaces, not just against each other, but by day of the week and season.


Sales Reporting

Centralise your sales accounts into one platform to track the production over all of your hotels. Analyse activity to understand each of your account’s behaviours — from lead time to channel and market matrix.


Upsell Reporting

Identify ancillary upsell opportunities and provide valuable feedback to your front office with a granular analysis of upgrade performance, top selling packages, and Booked vs. Stayed Room activity.


Enhanced Pace Reporting

Review historical data to go back in time and understand past On the Books (OTB) positions and pinpoint pickup over time. Work with your most important metrics to capture in-depth insights and power smarter decisions.

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